Student Protection

At Shalom College, we aim to provide a holistic education infused with the values of the Gospel.

Central to our mission is the creation of 'right relationships' which are characterised by respect, dignity, justice, compassion and restorative practice. In order to offer opportunities for students to develop to their full potential, we need to provide a safe and secure learning environment where students are confident they are protected from harm or the threat of harm.

The information you will find here intends to ensure that all those involved in Catholic Education are aware that policies, strategies, and processes are in place in our Catholic schools so that a safe and nurturing learning environment is provided for all students at all times.

The Student Protection Processes and Student Protection Guidelines for all Catholic Schools (Diocese of Rockhampton) have been updated and copies are available in the school office and also in the library. The revised Student Protection Processes and Student Protection Guidelines are now also available on the Catholic education website

If you have any questions about any matter to do with child protection please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Student Protection Brochure

Integrity in Relationships Brochure