2021 Awards Ceremony (Academic, Sports & Spirit)

8 Nov 2021

Filming of Shalom College Award Ceremonies 2021 (Academic, Sports and Spirit) 

Awards for 2021 will again be presented in front of peers, filmed, and released in an easy to access, online format. This year, we have invited parents and some special guests to be part of the ‘live’ presentations. Please note the schedule, as advertised, if you would like to attend and read on for instructions. A list of awardees was e-mailed to all parents and students. Please note that these sessions are purely for the filming of the award presentations, so not a polished event and there will only be so many seats available to parents on the day. Unfortunately, there is no room for extended family and friends, but thankfully a link to the final production will be forwarded, which we would highly recommend to parents, as the preferred viewing option. 

Please note some finer details about the Award Lists;

• The lists e-mailed out to students are purely to give students an indication to sit to the front and for parents to know that their child will be part of the ceremony

• Like any ceremony, there will be some unknown special awards and a complete list of award winners will be published in the Newsletter and on Facebook, at the culmination of all award presentations

• Students listed for an Academic or Studentship award, may also receive a Major Award or Sports Award. 

• Students not receiving an Academic or Studentship award but receiving a Sports or Major Award, have been added to the bottom of the lists as receiving a 'Special Award'

• Thanks to new technologies, students are now awarded Academic Excellence according to Grade Point Average, across the year and all subjects, rather than a pre-determined number of A's

• Year 12 will have all Academic, Major Awards and Sports Awards presented on the 17th of November

• Years 7-11 will receive some Sports Awards at House level e.g. Best and Fairest Team Awards and Wide Bay Certificates 

If attending the following ceremonies, please note they are being filmed live and the following instructions will have to be applied, for the smooth running of these sessions.

• Parents and Guests will not be able to enter late or leave the Performing Arts Theatre early (unless instructed by a staff member, controlling the door between segments) 

• Parents are to use the QR code, at the entrance of the Performing Arts Precinct

• Parents then wait in the foyer for staff members to show them through to their seats

• Phones must be turned to silent and flashes cannot be used during filming (there will be photos taken at the end of filming, which will be published in the newsletter and on Facebook) 

• Please note that there will be no rehearsal, therefore, time at the beginning will be dedicated to the organisation of students, which will prove for an organic experience

• Sessions are organised in to 'Periods' according to normal timetabled lessons (published at the front of each student's Record Book) 

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