New Artwork

22 Aug 2017

Principal's Reflection - I hope that you have noticed the wonderful new piece of Art adorning the front of our Administration building. The artist, pictured above, is Ariella Anderson who also did the fantastic representation of St Mary MacKillop for the MacKillop block. Ariella has had two children through Shalom and the family have been great contributors to the community. Ariella told the story to the NewsMail recently when they featured the photo above, of her family's arrival in Bundaberg. Being Jewish, they were surprised and delighted to find a Jewish school - Shalom - in Bundaberg! The piece I asked Ariella to create, above, has been a labour of love for her as it touched into her Hebrew heritage and the community she and her family found at Shalom College. Most schools have a school motto. We just have 'Shalom'. It is a beautiful Hebrew word. Most people translate it to mean 'peace', and it does. But it is richer than that. It is a word of blessing wishing fulfilment and contentment. It is a word closely linked to a rich sense of community. It is a great motto for our College. I hope every student will leave Shalom College committed to doing their part to bring that rich sense of Shalom to the world. And don't we need it now? In her Art, Ariella has included a dove, depicting the dove sent out by Noah at the conclusion of the Flood, as a messenger of new life and hope. Ariella has the dove over the old city of Jerusalem - the home of the people of God. It is not only a beautiful piece but one rich in meaning. Next time you drop into the office or drive past, take a moment to have a closer look.

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