Our Ministry

Shalom College aims to provide a quality Christian education in the Catholic tradition. Ministry at Shalom College includes a comprehensive range of methods used to communicate the Gospel message with the hope that the lives of our young people will be impacted in a substantial and permanent way. Ministry is the way in which our Christian mission as a school connects with the needs of our young people.

Our goals

The general goals of ministry are:

  • To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person
  • To draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of our school, our faith community and wider society
  • To empower young people to witness to their faith by living and working for justice, peace and human dignity

Achieving our goals

In order to achieve our ministry goals, staff and students have the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of activities:

  • Religious Education classes from Years 7 - 10 are compulsory. In Years 11 & 12 students must choose to study either Religion and Ethics (Applied) or Study of Religion (General subject) or a Certificate III in Christian Ministry & Theology.
  • Prayer (regular classroom; whole school and House/College assembly prayer; meditation).
  • Opportunities are taken at key times during the year to celebrate Eucharistic and Non-Eucharistic liturgies as a House and College community e.g. Induction, Shalom Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, House Mass and Year 12 Graduation. In addition, individual Religious Education classes are included on a roster to prepare Mass in the College Chapel each Wednesday. We are also involved in Parish Mass.
  • Community Service provides an opportunity to grow in recognition of our Christian obligation to help the poor, the broken and the marginalised. Students and staff are encouraged to become involved in service groups and activities such as the College St Vincent de Paul group, Edmund Rice camp,Lenten and Christmas Appeals. Each House has an adopted charity. 
  • Taking time out from our day to day routine is important for the personal development of both students and staff. For this reason, it is compulsory for students to participate in Year Level Retreats and Reflection Days. Parish and youth group participation is also encouraged including; Youth Masses, Year 10 and 11 ACTS Camps.
  • The position of Campus Minister is highly valued in the college community. This person's role is to provide support for both students and staff in a non-threatening and inclusive manner. The Campus Minister is a 'listening ear and a warm heart' with whom members of our community can feel welcome, cared for and accepted. There are many times when this is all that people need, but there are also many situations which require a more professional assessment and more long term counseling. The Campus Minister, therefore, works closely with Heads of House and the College Counselor to ensure that on these occasions, students and/or staff can receive the appropriate type and level of support.