Student Services

Student Services takes a holistic approach to support the learning, social and emotional wellbeing of students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

By providing a positive and inclusive educational setting, the Student Services encourages students to challenge themselves and to take ownership of their learning experiences.

The learning support team also provides the following programs:

• Personalised Learning Plans (PLP) and in class support for students with verified disabilities or learning / social emotional difficulties

• Literacy Interaction Numeracy Knowledge Skills (LINKS) – the LINKS program gives students tasks designed to build success, confidence and self-esteem in their subjects as well as study skills

• Learning Support Teachers and Teacher Assistants support identified students in classes

• Study – Student Services provides a supported, quiet study space for Senior students with learning difficulties and special needs

• Supports students with approved Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA)

• Exam support – teacher assistant support for students with disabilities or those with learning difficulties

• Intervention sessions – students with assessed literacy or speech difficulties have access to our visiting Speech Pathologist. Students with verified disabilities and require intervention for fine/gross motor skills, emotional regulation or social skills may be able to access the visiting Occupational Therapist.

• English as an Additional Language/Dialect - Enrichment and enhancement in all aspects of English literacy for students with an additional language or dialect within their homes.