Support Services

Shalom fosters a climate which promotes personal growth and allows students to pursue their studies with purpose and confidence. Consequently emphasis is placed on maintaining an environment which is conducive to learning.

Rules and regulations are clearly defined and implemented so that each student may feel secure and respected. The College has specific expectations of student behaviour in all situations. These expectations foster a high degree of self discipline and autonomous learning.

As an extension of the family, the Shalom community values the need for students to develop respect for themselves and others. Personal development education is an important aspect of our curriculum. This programme is integrated into core subjects such as science and physical education and deals with many aspects of social and emotional development.

Strong emphasis is placed on the leadership and support given by senior students. Formal and informal structures exist for seniors to help younger students academically and socially. Through these structures, older students can learn skills in communication, leadership and group dynamics. Younger students experience a supportive and caring environment in which to deal with many life issues.

Student Support Services

Pastoral Care

Each student belongs to a pastoral care group. The group meets with its teacher each day for prayer, administration and discussion of school activities. The pastoral care teacher communicates with parents through the Student Record Book.

Vocational Education and Training

A VET coordinator is available to give students advice on career pathways whilst studying and post-graduation. The College has forged strong links within Bundaberg and district industry and business communities.


The Pathways Coordinator is able to give information to both parents and students on career options. 


A chaplaincy service is provided at Shalom College for all students and staff via the fraternity of local Catholic parish priests, Christian Brothers and parish community laity.

College Counselling Department

Shalom College offers a School Counselling Service to students and parents. The College has three Professionally Qualified and experienced Counsellors; Head of Counselling, Karen Miller-Smith (B.Soc.Wk), Gavin Hill (BPsych (Hons) Assoc MAPS),  Gretta Waters (BSC (Psych Hons) MAPS). The service is available Monday-Friday and appointment times range from 7.30am- 3.15pm.  Bookings can be made here. Students under the age of 13 years will require parental permission. Any parents or teachers booking appointments for students are encouraged to complete the “What are your worries for the Student?” question.  Parents and Staff, please be aware that counselling is voluntary and student consent is required for the session to proceed.

Student Services

Learning support is available to address a full range of learning needs through Student Services. Student Services is staffed by learning support teachers and teacher assistants.

College Community Support Groups

The College Board

The College Board is an advisory body which assists the Principal in the formulation of policies. It is made up of the Principal, an elected teacher representative, a number of elected parent representatives and a priest as an ex-officio member.

The P&F Association

The P&F Association provides a forum for the parent body and assists in fundraising activities. All parents are welcome to attend meetings which are held on the second Tuesday of the month. Click here to find out more.