PATHWAYS - Career & Vocational Education

Shalom College offers the services of a Pathways Team to provide information about additional learning opportunities and to assist students with the transition from school to employment and higher education including; 

  • Careers advice
  • Work experience
  • University and QTAC
  • Employment opportunities
  • TAFE and additional studies
  • School based traineeships
  • School based apprenticeships

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is designed to deliver workplace specific skills and knowledge and enable students to gain nationally recognised qualifications.  At Shalom VET encompasses certificate courses delivered on campus by our qualified Teachers, on campus in partnerships, or connections with various external training organisations such as TAFE. 

The Pathways team are available to offer tertiary study guidance. Parents and students will have the opportunity to attend the Shalom College University Expo and an annual presentation by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) along with other various university immersion opportunities.

We encourage students to engage with industry by participating in work experience and professional shadowing placements to assist them when making occupational and study decisions.

School based apprenticeships and traineeships allow students to undertake qualification or trade training in conjunction with employment.

Shalom College hosts a Careers website which provides students and parents with information to assist with making decisions about career pathways and life beyond school.

Shalom College Pathways 

Mrs Liza O'Donnell is available to meet with students and parents to discuss pathways information.

Every week, Pathways News is published featuring information on current employment opportunities, careers, different learning opportunities and more. 

Pathways Newsletter - Current and Past Issues