Communication with the school

Parents are welcome to contact the College staff at anytime during office hours. To talk with a teacher, parents may ring the College office and ask to speak to the particular teacher or leave a message for the teacher to return the call.

As alternatives, parents may write a note in the Record Book or send an email listing the name of the teacher in the subject line. The Record Book and email may also be used to request return telephone contact by College staff. College staff may also be contacted by email.

All routine notes, enquiries and concerns about a particular student should be directed to the Pastoral Care teacher or House Coordinator in the first instance.

Electronic Communication

The College maintains a website along with local intranet services which include parent and student portals. Students are given a login and password at the beginning of the year and have access to document storage, software applications, assessment calendars and links to other services. Logging into the portal will give parents access to a range of services including: assessment calendars, scheduled parent/teacher interview appointments. A password is required by parents to access the portal. Passwords can be retrieved from login page. Parents will need to have an email address registered with the College.

College Newsletter

The College produces a weekly newsletter to keep parents in touch with what is happening. The newsletter is emailed to all families with an email address registered with the College. It is also available on the College website and a link can be accessed on the Shalom College Facebook page.