2 Aug 2021

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08.08.21 - Letter to Parents 

02.08.21 4pm - UPDATE:
Reminder to All Parents. Now that the lockdown restrictions have been extended and circumstances may change daily for your family, parents are requested to email if their student is absent from school and we ask you to indicate the days that they will be absent, even if they have previously advised for Monday and/or Tuesday this week. 

We thank you for your understanding. Further updates will be posted on the Shalom College website at:

02.08.21 3pm 
COVID Requirements – with the latest lockdown news and a very changing environment, please remember that students should not be at school if they are suffering colds, coughs or sniffles.  With the latest news that the lockdown in the SE is extended until Sunday, the restriction rules will continue to apply to our students and staff who were in the SE corner of the State from 1am July 31.  This will continue until that lockdown ends or for 14 days – whichever comes first.

01.08.21 - Letter to Parents 

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