An outstanding achievement for our Brother Rocky

30 Jan 2017

On Sunday, January 29 Br Rochford celebrated his 70th Jubilee as a Christian Brother at a Mass at the Holy Rosary Church.

As a 14 year old young man, Brother began his journey on January 29, 1947. To all of us at Shalom and to the thousands of students who have passed through this College since 1988, Brother has lived out, in extraordinarily tangible ways, the spirit of this College and has been an outstanding example of Christian ministry. Jesus and Edmund Rice, the founder of the Congregation Brother joined 70 years ago, would be very proud of him!

Every day Brother Rochford greets students, staff and parents with 'Shalom'. He acknowledges the birthdays of every student. He has chronicled the history of this College. Our students at Shalom today, we are told, can expect to change careers several times in their lives. Most things we buy will only last a few years. Commitment, is not what it once was. We all need people like Br Rocky in our lives who are examples to us all of that ability to 'hang in there' and be faithful.

It is easy for our young people to grow up believing that 'if it feels good, do it'. Br Rochford is, I hope, a reminder to all of us that there is great worth and benefit in being faithful and working through the hard times. Br Rochford has always been a teacher. His only career has been in education. Principal of two schools and working in numerous others, I think it is safe to say that his favourite is Shalom! Br Rochford is closer to the end of this wonderful career than the beginning but we are particularly privileged to have him in our community. Other than Shalom, Brothers' other great claim to fame is that he is Manly Warringah's greatest supporter!

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